Models: 19XR3030, 19XR3232, 19XR3535, 19XR3737, 19XR4040, 19XR4242, 19XR4545, 19XR4747, 19XR5050, 19XR5252, 19XR5555, 19XR5757, 19XR6060, 19XR6262, 19XR6565, 19XR6767, 19XR7070, 19XR7272, 19XR7575, 19XR7777, 19XR8080, 19XR8282, 19XR8585, 19XR8787 


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•Cooling Capacity - 1000 KW ~ 5300 KW

•Specifically designed for Ozone friendly Green HFC-134a refrigerant.

•The positive pressure design eliminate the requirement of purge unit.

•Mix-match capability - the chiller provide a complete line of compressors and heat exchanger to provide the desired capacity.

•Modular Construction - Cooler, condenser and compressor assemblies are completely bolted together, ideal for replacement project.

•Patented Accumeter flow adjusting system ensure chiller's good part load performance.

•Capacity control by variable inlet guide vanes with Optional VFD control.

•Advance controls - Microprocessor controls with direct digital PIC, Chillervisor, CCN.

•Robust design with high energy efficiency.


Contact your local Carrier commercial equipment representive for a detailed selection at your specific operating conditions.