Models: 30WGA020, 30WGA025, 30WGA030, 30WGA035, 30WGA040, 30WGA045, 30WGA050, 30WGA060, 30WGA070, 30WGA080, 30WGA090

•Cooling capacity 22.6kW - 87.8kW.

•R-410a refrigerant.

•Scroll compressors.

•Low noise design.

•Integrated hydronic module for (1) evaporator section (2) condenser section with VFD driven pump (Multiple options).

•Very Compact.

•High performance.

•Flexible unit with Easy installation and maintenance.

•Ideal for refurbishment projects where a remote condenser exists on site, and for all projects without geothermal/natural sinks for heat rejection.

•Optimised for air conditioning.

•Auto adaptive pro dialog plus control.

•Compatible with the Carrier 09 series drycoolers and remote condensers.


Contact your local Carrier commercial equipment representive for a detailed selection at your specific operating conditions.

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