Models: 30XAV500, 30XAV600, 30XAV700, 30XAV800

•Cooling capacity 504kW - 814kW.

•R-134a refrigerant.

•New auto adaptive TOUCH PILOT smart control with intuitive and user-friendly 7'' interface.

•Greenspeed technology, both on compressors and fans, allows precise capacity matching of building load changes and significantly reduces unit power input, especially at part loads.

•Exclusive inverter-driven screw compressors, an evolution of the proven Carrier fixed-speed screw compressor design.

•Low noise IV generation Flying Bird fans made of a composite material.

•Improved electrical performance: High power factor and negligible in-rush current.

•Novation heat exchanger with micro-channel coil technology.

•Easy and fast installation.

•Minimised sound levels.


Contact your local Carrier commercial equipment representive for a detailed selection at your specific operating conditions.