Models:  30HXA076, 30HXA086, 30HXA096, 30HXA106, 30HXA116, 30HXA126, 30HXA136, 30HXA146, 30HXA161, 30HXA171, 30HXA186, 30HXA206, 30HXA246, 30HXA261, 30HXA271 

•Cooling capacity 264kW - 931kW.

•Unit fits through a standard door with no disassembly required.

•R-134a refrigerant.

•Dual independent refrigerant circuits.

•Smooth compression using twin screw compressors.

• ARI certified IPLV efficiencies to 0.15 kW/kWR.

•Condenserless with COMFORTLINK Control.


Contact your local Carrier commercial equipment representive for a detailed selection at your specific operating conditions.

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