Models:30RBM160, 30RBM180, 30RBM200, 30RBM220, 30RBM260, 30RBM300, 30RBM330, 30RBM360, 30RBM400, 30RBM430, 30RBM470, 30RBM520

30RBP160, 30RBP180, 30RBP200,30RBP220, 30RBP260, 30RBP300, 30RBP 330, 30RBP360, 30RBP 400, 30RBP430, 30RBP470, 30RBP520


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•Cooling capacity 164kW - 528kW.

•RBM model optimised for full load applications.

•RBP model optimised for part load applications.

•Multiple scroll compressors.

•Variable speed condensor fans.

•Novation® all aluminium micro channel condenser (MCHE) and brazed plate heat exchanger for low R-410A refrigerant charge.

•Night mode control.

•V-shaped condenser coils to protect against hail impact.

•Fast commissioning, as all units are systematically run tested before shipment.

•Leak-tight refrigerant circuit and reduced maintenance costs.

•Auto-adaptive control algorithm and automatic compressor unloading for increased and efficiency optimization.

•Integrated hydronic module and compact design making installation easy.

•Optional touch pilot control.


Contact your local Carrier commercial equipment representive for a detailed selection at your specific operating conditions.