•Models: 30RWA020, 30RWA025, 30RWA030, 30RWA040, 30RWA045, 30RWA060, 30RWA070, 30RWA080, 30RWA090, 30RWA110, 30RWA120, 30RWA135, 30RWA150, 30RWA160, 30RWA185, 30RWA210, 30RWA245, 30RWA275, 30RWA300 

•Cooling Capacity 20 KW ~ 309 KW.

•Environment friendly refrigerant, R-407c.

•Low noise multi Scroll Compressors.

•Pro Dialog Micro processor control.

•Integrated hydronic Module option for evaporator.

•Space saving compact design, No plant room required, Easy to install.

•Suitable to used with Carrier 09 series dry-cooler.


Contact your local Carrier commercial equipment representive for a detailed selection at your specific operating conditions.