Models: 30XA252, 30XA302, 30XA352, 30XA402, 30XA452, 30XA502, 30XA602, 30XA702, 30XA752, 30XA802, 30XA852, 30XA902, 30XA1002, 30XA1112, 30XA1212, 30XA1312, 30XA1382, 30XA1402, 30XA1502, 30XA1702

•Cooling Capacity  267 KW ~ 1611 KW.

•CLASS A Energy Efficiency, certified by Eurovent.

•Environment friendly refrigerant R-134a.

•All Aluminium Micro Chanel Heat Exchanger (MCHX) with increased corrosion resistance.

•Touch Screen Pro Dialog Micro processor control for intuative asccess to all operating parameters.

•Semi Hermetic Twin Rotor Screw compressor.

•Integrated hydronic module option with pump & expansion tank upto 500 kW capacity.

•Economizer system with electronic expansion device for increased cooling capacity. Unit available with very Low Noise option.


Contact your local Carrier commercial equipment representive for a detailed selection at your specific operating conditions.