Chiller 30XW

•Cooling capacity (standard efficiency units) 273kW - 1732kW.

•Heating capacity (standard efficiency units) 317kW - 1969kW.

•Cooling capacity (high efficiency units) 509kW - 1756kW.

•Heating capacity (high efficiency units) 583kW - 1989kW.

•Twin-rotor screw compressors with a variable capacity valve.

•R-134a refrigerant.

•Two independant refrigerant circuits, the second one automatically takes over if the first one develops a fault.

•Compact design, can pass through standard door openings.

•Achieves a very high overall operating efficiency.

•Available in two versions (30XW) and the high efficiency (30XW-P).

•Pro Dialog plus control.

•Flooded heat exchangers that are mechanically cleanable.

•Wide operating range cooling down to -60C.


Contact your local Carrier commercial equipment representive for a detailed selection at your specific operating conditions.

Chiller High Efficiency 30XW-P


Heat Pump 30XWH

Heat Pump High Efficiency 30XWHP



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