What's New in Block Load v4.0

Block Load v4.0 is an all-new program written to take advantage of the Windows 32-bit software architecture. Users will appreciate the program's new look-and-feel, its ease of navigation, the enhanced printer support, and data-handling features expected in today's software.

Major Features and Enhancements
  • New & Improved User-Interface
    • The program features a new split screen with project Tree View and Data Views, which allows the user the ability to easily enter and organize input data. The Tree View follows standard Windows conventions by allowing multiple levels in the Tree, each containing elements such as Weather, Zones, Systems and Library items (Walls, Roofs, Windows, Doors and External Shading). Levels in the Tree may be expanded or collapsed to show all data associations. The Data View on the right side of the screen allows detailed tabbed input screens corresponding to each element in the Tree.
  • Maintain Library of Walls, Roofs, Windows, Doors and External Shading
    • Enter wall and roof constructions, window assemblies, doors and external shade information only once and store in the project library. No need to enter this data repeatedly for each zone in your project.
    • Walls and roofs can be chosen from a list of typical pre-defined constructions or customized by specifying the construction layer by layer from a list of common construction materials.
  • Conversion of v3.0 Project Data.
    • Data from Block Load v3.0 can be converted to v4.0 format directly from saved project data. This allows the user the ability to retrieve old project data into the current program, and then perform load calculations.
  • ASHRAE Standard 62 Features.
    • The program now allows you to size the outdoor ventilation airflow rate according to ASHRAE Standard 62-2001. The Outdoor Airflow tab of the Zone input form lets you choose one of the Standard 62 space usage types, from which the required ventilation airflow rate for the zone will be defaulted.
    • During sizing calculations, the Ventilation Rate procedure (also known as the Multiple Space or Critical Space method) from section 6.1 of the Standard is used to determine the total outdoor airflow rate necessary to ensure that all zones receive the required amount of fresh outdoor air per the ASHRAE Standard.
    • In addition, a new output report titled "Ventilation Sizing Summary" is offered. This report documents the calculation of the total outdoor ventilation airflow rate by either Summation or ASHRAE Standard 62 methods. It can also provide insights about optimizing outdoor airflows in the system.
  • Spreadsheet Input of Zone Data
    • Block Load v4.0 contains a new optional spreadsheet input feature that allows you to edit zone data in row/columnar format. This provides a global view of all zone inputs side-by-side and facilitates rapid entry or changes, especially for larger projects containing many zones. However the user may still enter zone data through the standard procedure via the tabbed zone input forms if desired.
  • Diagnostic Output Reports
    • Several new output reports have been added to the program. The Ventilation Sizing Summary report provides details into the ASHRAE Standard 62-2001 ventilation sizing calculations. The System Psychrometrics Table gives you the psychrometric state at every point in the HVAC system. And the Hourly Air System Loads and Hourly Zone Loads reports provide a 24-hour profile of the loads throughout your building.
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