Models: MPCT





•Axial fan with adjustable pitch blades and taper lock hub for easy removal.

•Water distribution consists of SS main header and easy removal PVC pipes with clog resistant nozzles.

•Fill pack consists of high efficiency, long lasting and suitable up to 80°C polypropylene configured to provide maximum air to water contact and low air pressure drop, to ensure efficient heat transfer and low power consumption.

•The Tower casing and basin are formed from non-corrosive fiberglass Reinforced polyester (FRP).

•Air intake louvers are constructed from 125mm of fill material to prevent water splashing out and entry of sun light into the cold water basin. Designed for fast and simple removal.

•All towers meet AS3666/Revision A, B & C 2006 with drift loss less than 0.001.


Contact your local Carrier commercial equipment representive for a detailed selection at your specific operating conditions.